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What is UFT?

UFT stands for Universal Functional Test.  Under the hood is a library of functional tests developed over 15 years.  The operator interface organizes test in a clear and efficient manor. If a product does not pass, it presents details of the failure and diagnostic guidance. UFT can test any function your product may perform such as:

  • moving or measuring motion

  • reading, writing to storage media

  • Load/verify shipping FPGA/Software/firmware image

  • Power: max/idle/specific activity

  • Display

  • Sound

  • Analyzing data

  • Operator Interaction

  • Fuzzy Requirements

UFT Diagram

In short, UFT runs structural and functional tests in a production environment.

All data is organized and evaluated against pass/fail criteria to ensure your product is ready to move on to the next process or end user.  All of the data is logged in human-readable files by serial number and timestamp for easy filing and retrieval on your database and/or network file server.

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