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What is Structural Test?

The idea behind structural test of a printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) is that if: 

1. All of the correct components are present

2. All of the connections among them are correct (no short- or open- circuits)

... then the resulting PCBA will be "good".*

*Why the asterisk? Since the test is intended to verify the structure of the assembly, it only confirms that the manufacturer faithfully reproduced the design. A board with no manufacturing defects can still fail to perform its intended functions.

What is Functional

Functional Test, also called performance test, operates the product like an end-user.  For example:

  • Lightbulbs turn ON and OFF

  • Printers produce papers and graphics

  • Telecommunications devices communicate with each other

  • Metrology equipment makes measurements

What is UFT?

UFT is an operator interface that tests products at the board level to ensure that a product will pass your specifications.

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