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Gavin Plumlee - Mechanical Design

Gavin Plumlee Portrait

Trained in machining during my Associates in Mechanical Engineering Technology, I am am continuing my Bachelor’s studies in Mechanical Engineering at Old Dominion University.  Working in assembly and stockroom positions in the past, I have a feel for the requirements of keeping a production line running smoothly and with efficiently. One of the biggest factors in an efficient production line is a test process that is user-friendly, easily troubleshot, and comprehensive of the product’s capabilities. I work to design fixtures that assemblers and testers can easily operate and maintain. Part of my process is working with your team to make sure the fixture meets all the needs of the operator. My first priority is to make a utilitarian design using off the shelf parts and simple 3D printed or machined parts to hold the UUT. A part of this utilitarian design is cable management—making sure that it is neat and out of the way to reduce wear and increase the life of test cables.

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