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Who Hires Our Services?

Welcome to CAE Integration: Who our services are focused on.

CAE Integration serves Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in making electronic products who:

  • Produce a high mix of low volumes.

  • Typically revising one or more boards in the assembly before reaching 2000 units.

  • Or have legacy products burdening the design team.

If your product is a single-board digital design leveraging FPGAs and other JTAG-compliant devices, we can provide you with excellent fixtureless coverage using JTAG test.

If your product leverages pre-tested 3rd party modules to provide various functions, we can provide you with fixtures to exercise your boards prior to assembly.

If your product uses multiple boards with analog, digital, and power functions with connectors coming out every side, we can design fixtures to test each board individually so your assemblers only have to build each product once.

Just to Reiterate

CAE Integration is focused on OEMs that have a mix of volumes, revising multiple boards, or have legacy products burdening the design team.

If this is you, set up a meeting using Calendly on our Contact Us page.

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