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May the Fourth Be With You Contest!

Updated: Apr 22

Contest: Comic Edition

Here at CAE Integration we are a bunch of nerds. This is a prerequisite to be in the field. To have some fun we were trying to think of some fun comic strips to showcase the difference between design and test engineers. Below is one that the team put together.

Is the above true? Let us know in the comments down below.

Welcome to the Contest

Down at headquarters we want some more cool comic strips to put on the website and on our walls. We want to see some of your thoughts regarding the differences between design and test engineers. Anything goes in regards to submission. The only requirement is that it must be in the form of a comic strip and of your own work. Hand-drawings, graphic design, AI-Generated content are all acceptable in this contest. In addition, if you don't have any artwork, you can give us a description and we will run it through the AI that generated the comic above. All submissions are due by 11:30 PM EST May 4th, 2024.


So, what do you win other than making some fun comics? Well, any comics deemed worthy will be posted on our website and all our social media pages tagging the creator. The first prize winner will get a $50 gift card of their choice.

Only one entry per person. Best of luck! May the Fourth be with you. If you need some ideas, click the button below. Please email your comic strips to us at

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